About Cynthia Mendenhall

Cynthia Mendenhall is committed to creating and living a life of audacious adventure, and she loves to challenge others to do the same. Once captive to religion, guilt, and fear, Cynthia’s passion is leading others into the true freedom Jesus offers all of us. Her prescriptive nonfiction sits within the context of stories filled with common sense teaching, splashes of humor, and a biblical foundation. She writes with the quiet voice of a friend sharing conversation over coffee. Cynthia is the author of Spunkify Your Life: 8 Secrets to Living with More Focus, Fascination, and Fun (Day Dreamer Books), the Spunkify Your Life Growth Guide (Day Dreamer Books), and Spunkier Yet! 8 Secrets to Living with More Fullness and Freedom (Day Dreamer Books). She has contributed to several anthologies, including three Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. In 2024, End Game Press will release Cynthia’s latest book, Better Because: Create Your Most Incredible Life After Divorce. Her aim is to guide readers to live, heal, and grow intentionally and biblically beyond the trauma of divorce. She is a devotion writer for VineWords: Devotions and More and a contributing author to the devotional series Love Knots: Stories of Faith, Family, and Friendships, Volumes Two and Three (VineWords Publishing). In addition to writing, Cynthia is a dynamic and engaging speaker, a Certified Christian Life Coach, a trained chaplain, a writing coach, and professional editor. She is a former high school English teacher and an all-around word nerd. After finally making her move to a coastal town on Florida’s east coast last year, Cynthia lives simply with a growing collection of friends, a shiny blue pitcher, and an unlimited amount of spunky hope. She often sneaks away on all sorts of adventures and indulges regularly in literary novels, coffee, and dark chocolate.