Diane Virginia: Abbo’s Alley — 9 Comments

  1. I love flowers and gardening with friends. I hope I get to visit Abbo’s Alley one day. Thank you for sharing this beautiful devotion.

  2. What a beautiful devotion!!! I visited this University once when my sister took a road trip. We decided to explore the campus somewhat and ate in a sandwich shop on campus. It was a bitterly cold day, and since we were traveling, we didn’t stay long. I’ve always intended to visit again, but didn’t know about Abbo’s Alley. Now I’m anxious to return for a visit. Thank you for writing about it. Abbo must have been a wonderful person!

    • Thanks, Evelyn. I never met Abbo, but frequented his gorgeous garden. It was peaceful there! Everyone on campus knew Abbo’s legendary kindness.

  3. This a wonderful story. Yes I know a friend who brings friends together to realize a God given dream. Her name is Diane Virgina Cunio.

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