Charles E. Maldon, Jr.: Beyond the Sacrifice — 11 Comments

  1. Your comment, “Sacrifice is what I give up, but obedience is when I give in”, is not only thought provoking, but convicting. Our motives matter! Thank you for this word, Brother Charles.

  2. I love this, Charles. For me, caring for my 98-year-old mother can be a sacrifice, but when I do it out of obedience and love for Christ, I position myself for a blessing! Thanks for this important reminder. Blessings!

    • That is so true Karen… wow. I commend you for your sacrifice done in love for your mother. What an example. God Bless you

  3. Charles I love how you tie in Abraham’s sacrifice beyond obedience to our marriages. This devotion is deep and memorable. I like your tie in to exercise too. That is a great word picture.

  4. “Obedience is a daily lifestyle” Love those challenging words, something to ponder and pray about. Thank you for sharing Charles.

    • Yes it is one I am trying to get better at daily. It stretches me to do more than talk… May God richly bless you

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