Diane Virginia: An Eye for Design — 17 Comments

  1. Wow! I learned some interesting facts. God is incredible! Thank you for this well-written article. Will share.

  2. As an avid beekeeper for decades and one who has written about bees, I find them to be so fascinating that I will just sit and watch them and note the color of pollen they are bringing. You cannot truly observe them and in good conscience an believe that this was an outcome of random chance. Any of those unique biological traits were designed. They would have died off during evolution before getting it right. Mother earth pales in comparison to our Creator God!

    • Thank you, Lee Ann. We are fearfully and wonderfully designed, as is all of God’s creation. I stand in awe of His handiwork.

  3. Wow! I learned a lot about the “simple” bee. Wonderfully written, Diane. So glad to be connected to your WORDS!

  4. A word by Steven Springer, posted on the “Elijah List” on 3/22/2016, included this phrase, “I see in the Body of Christ that there will be A CROSS POLLINATION [emphasis mine] of the Church and its many parts working together and encouraging each other.” I’m pretty sure that Springer’s usage of the phrase “cross pollination” is in relationship to flowers and bees cooperating in one unified creation of honey sweetness, but I also see that it applies to the heart of man inwrought by the cross of Christ (creating the purest and sweetest compound known to man).

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