Stephanie Pavlantos: The Temple — 12 Comments

  1. Emmanuel- God with us. It is a great and beautiful wonder to me, and I am inexpressibly grateful. This (His presence)is the true wealth of the believer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Stephanie, I love the step-by-step approach! May I share, the apostle John describes the fulfillment ofJesus as the new Temple: the old temple is destroyed (John 2:19), Jesus becomes the sacrificed lamb on the altar (3:16 – Son of Man must be gifted up), the laver (John 4:13 eternal pure water), the show bread (John 6 describes the 12 baskets – represent the 12 show breads in temple), the seven lamp stands (John chapter 8 & 9 seven times light is mentioned), high priestly prayer – alter of incense (John 17) and finally the holy of holies (John 20).

  3. This is so rich, Stephanie. I love how you lead us through so we can understand on a deep level. Studying Jewish tradition and Scriptures is key to a full understanding of the Gospels. May we all enter His courts with praise today and commune with our Lord in His Holiest place.

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