Diane Virginia: The Christmas Cardigan — 12 Comments

    • Thank you, Shanda. The Christmas Cardigan will eventually become a children’s story in the expanded version. A friend illustrated if for me. I just haven’t put it out there yet.

    • Thank you, Shonda. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it. I felt for the recorder flutist, and I have always loved Mary.

    • Thanks, Mandy, for your encouraging comment. The Christmas Cardigan will eventually be a children’s book (child-version, expanded into chapters; read-to-me book; elementary ages). A good friend illustrated it for me. I just have to queue it, which will happen once I finish it and some other projects. Who knows if the cowpuppies will appear in one of the chapters… just a thought. I have an outline, but keep changing it.

  1. God gave us His Son: John 3:16. We should learn to give (on a daily basis) as this young girl did in this story. It shows how the girl gave from her heart. Enjoyed it!

  2. Very good, inspirational for the coming Christmas season to encourage us how we ought to live every day with the desire to minister to others.

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