Martin Wiles: Food and Friends — 9 Comments

  1. I love your hook! Great devotion! I was eating in a restaurant with a friend, when she spotted a cousin and several other people seated at a table near us. Her cousin is a friend of mine, also. He told us they were there to celebrate his birthday. I noticed a cake on the table, which someone had brought to him. Back at our table and finishing our meal, I glanced up in time to see him on the way to our table with a piece of cake for each of us. Your devotion brought back good memories to me.

  2. Hey Martin, I love your intro, and the story is so true. Fellowshipping together does create friendships. Thank you for penning this great devotion.

  3. Thank you Martin, for reminding us that sharing a meal allows people an opportunity to relax and being together.

  4. Martin, I love your devotion to sharing a meal with others. It reminds me of “The Last Supper” as Jesus broke the bread with friends along with an enemy that would later turn Jesus over to the authorities. Our Father in heaven has set the example for us, and now, as his children, it’s up to us to share as well.

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