Karen Jurgens: Does God Heal Pets? — 9 Comments

  1. Our daughter was an only child. She begged for a pet. We got her a fox terrier. It was stolen. We later got her another puppy. She loved her new pet, but the puppy got parvovirus before it was able to get vaccinated. At first the dog was just a bit lethargic. We didn’t know what was wrong with her, only that she wasn’t her hyper self. We hoped it would pass and waited a day or two before we took her to the vet. It didn’t. The vet informed us that our dog had parvo, and would likely die. They wanted to keep her. We couldn’t afford it. They gave us very little hope of her surviving without hospitalization, but we brought her home. Prayer was all we had, and that is what we did. I should add, all of this happened while our daughter was at camp. We didn’t want her to return home to this loss. We brought these things to God, and we nursed this pet as much as we could. Miraculously, she survived. Ten years later she is still happily with us. God cares about us and the things we care about.

    • What an amazing testimony of God’s grace, especially toward your daughter. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord heals our sick pets who come so close to death and then live for many years afterward? God is so good! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • His miracles are always amazing! The Word does tell us that he watches over the sparrows and the smallest creatures of His creation. We serve an awesome God, don’t we? Have a blessed day, Stephanie. xoxo

  2. Karen, thank you for writing about this subject. I connected with how you considered Bo a family member, and how you are certain God cares about animals as well as people. This is a memorable devotion I will read over and over. Shalom, Diane

    • As an avid animal lover, including fish, you, Diane, have witnessed God touch and heal your beloved pets many times. For me, I learned this at a young age–a lesson I will always carry through life. Thanks for being the inspiration behind my writing this post. Blessings xoxo

      • Oh thank you. It is a wonderful recollection that blessed us. Timely too. Your devotion was heaven sent right on time

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