Evelyn Mason Wells: Prayer Basics — 9 Comments

  1. Evelyn Amen to this.
    I loved your statement, “What a witness for the Lord we will be if we shine like the Son of God with the joy of the Lord, after spending time in conversation with Him. As others see the light of Jesus shine through us, they are drawn to Him.”

    Amen let this be our goal to all. At times I have not done this but I am grateful for the Lord, loving us so much that He allows repeats and our light to continue to draw others to Him.

  2. Evelyn, this is beautiful. I love your imagery of God holding us. Anyone who has experienced this knows the deep, unconditional love of God. The times I’ve experienced Him holding me are also treasured experiences. Thank you for your insight. Thank you allso for your insight on what we can expect when we pray. I love this!

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