Diane Virginia: Guiding Light — 14 Comments

  1. So grateful for God’s direction and that his sheep know his voice. All we have to do is listen. I love the scripture you chose for this devotional. The pillar of fire and the cloud goes perfectly with the smoke rising from the chimney that helped to show your characters the way.

    • Thanks, Mandy. We have ranchers/farmers in our area and I admire their hard work coupled with their reliance on God. I wanted to honor them and show how the Lord can guide our decisions.

  2. Once again you have blown me away with the awesome talent God has given you. This is my favorite! 💟❣

    • Thank you so much, sister. I’m glad you like it. I wrote this in appreciation of the hard-working God-honoring farmers and ranchers in our town.

  3. As a person with little sense of direction, I can especially relate to this passage. Getting lost is constantly a fear of mine even with a GPS. However, God always provides the light to guide our paths and He is always a beacon of hope.

    • I’m not that good at direction either, sister. We have some amazing farmers/ranchers in our community whose dedication to the Lord and whose hard work inspired me to write this in honor of them.

    • Thank you, J.D.. Your encouragement is a constant source of joy. As you are a rancher, I am certain you know the dedication and hard work, and reliance on God, that is needed. I appreciate you! We live in a rural community, and I am very impressed with our ranchers/farmers, and their dedication/reliance on God.

    • Thank you, Julie. This devotion is to honor the farmers/ranchers whose dedication and reliance on God I admire.

    • Thank you, sweet sister. We live in a rural area, so I tried to capture the cowboy’s heart for his work, and his love for God–which is common here. There are very godly farmers/ranchers in our area and I admire their hard work and dedication.

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