Glenda Shouse: On Task — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you, Glenda, for reminding us that WE ARE the church. As my pastor is fond of reminding us, “The church is people, not property.”

  2. Thanks for the Word and your thoughts. I get distracted so easily. You have no idea what an incredible blessing this reminder is. I probably need to hear it daily. Despite the pushback for sharing it, there is no hope for man outside of Jesus Christ. God help us all to boldly share His love, and to live unashamed of our hope in Him.

  3. Glenda this is great advice. Thanks for reminding us that we are commissioned to share the Gospel, whether the circumstances are convenient or not. While I was in prayer today, the Lord laid on my heart to pray for someone who is far away from Him. I will. As the person is not local I cannot witness, but I’ll pray and watch her heart soften.

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