Glenda Shouse: My Identity — 9 Comments

  1. Glenda, thank you for this amazing devotion. The first time I was asked to speak at my church, I felt so unworthy. I prayed, “Lord, they know me; They know the person I used to be; they know my sins. What in the world will they think?” I clearly heard God speak to my spirit, as He said to me, “They don’t define who you are in Me. I define you!” This was such a wonderful message to me. I don’t have to worry about what others think. Only my God defines me! This is such a well-written devotion, and I love it!

    • Thank you Evelyn for the encouraging comment. I am thankful also that God is the one who defines me. His love is unfathomable.

  2. We can only serve one master. Whether God, self, or somebody else, the one we choose decides our identity. We will conform to their wisdom or lack thereof. It is the most powerful of all decisions.

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