Diane Virginia: The Guitarist — 8 Comments

  1. Diane, I love, love, love this devotion! Absolutely one of my favorites of yours. Thank you so much for posting it.

    • Thank you, sister. The guitarist influenced me for Christ and I still to this day remember his anointed music and his worshipful spirit. Funny thing though, I forget the guy’s name.

  2. Great story, Diane. Worship music leads us into His presence. I also read the gospel of John after I rededicated my life to Christ. It’s an excellent place to begin on the journey of salvation. Blessings! xoxo

    • Thank you, sweet sister. Worship music makes a beautiful memory. This is one of the most unique witnessing methods I’ve seen demonstrated. It worked on me! I can still hear this student’s music in my heart.

  3. What a beautiful story! Yes we should be “making melody” in our hearts unto the Lord and sharing it with others.

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