Diane Virginia: Giving Day — 8 Comments

  1. I loved this post Ms. Diane. My “Giving Day” memory cannot compare, for it was merely a small sum of cash, but I remember how good I felt when I paid for three months of hotel stays for a team member who worked with me who had undergone transplant surgery and needed to remain very close to the hospital for a few months. Giving that paltry sum of money I think meant more to me than it did to anyone else. For me, I understood I was not giving it out of friendship, but as repayment for God’s blessings and love in my life. He had blessed me with the means to do that. I was honor bound to share that blessing. Thank you for such a sweet story ma’am. You went and melted my heart all over again. God’s blessings Ms. Diane.

    • J.D., thank you for your kind heart. Your deed reminds me of the Good Samaratin who cared for the stranger. Thanks also for your approval and kind comment about the story I wrote. Princess was hard to give up as she was a friend, but God had a plan, and giving blessed me in unexpected ways. Seeing the joy on Patty’s face was priceless. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice, and because of it we are brother and sister in Him.

    • Thank you, sister. Giving up Princess was tough, but God’s words, “She was a gift so give a gift” and Patty’s response comforted my heart. Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, and I am certain it was tough for Father God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit to see this play out, but they LOVE us.

  2. Giving Day is a good reminder to me to be ready for the days God presents me the opportunity to bless others through the ways He provides. Thank you, Diane, for sharing this.

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Castle. God has a plan, sister. Princess even got to be in a parade! Patty was delighted to have her horse back, and I was glad to know God had a plan all along. As He does for us all, by sending Jesus Christ to die in our place to forgive us of our sins.

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