Evelyn Mason Wells: A Vehicle of Salvation — 9 Comments

    • Thank you so much. God called me to missions at least twenty years before I actually got to participate in my first one. Those years were in preparation, although I didn’t realize it at the time.

  1. Evelyn, I love how you care for every person–those who know Christ, those who are seekers, those who don’t want to know Him–and how you care for the imprisoned and the free. Wise words from a loving servant. Thank you, sister.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Diane. There are so many who don’t know Jesus. It’s our mandate to bring as many to Him as possible.

  2. You state some really great points here, Evelyn. Mission work isn’t just about leaving the country. It can be as simple as loving the neighbor next door. I’ve been on many mission trips and have come to realize it’s not about where, but about the love of Christ. Great post!

    • Yes! Mission work can be accomplished where we are planted. Thank you for reading my post. God bless you.

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