Lee Ann Mancini: The Greatest Invitation — 15 Comments

  1. Its always so wonderful to be invited. It warms the heart, making us feel loved and included. Belonging is an inner need we all have. How wonderful for the Lord to be the provider of that for us.

    • It is so wonderful, Amanda, to be invited by the King of kings! I am very happy you enjoyed the post. Your little girl is precious, love the picture! Please feel free to check out my mission SeaKidsTv.com God Bless!

  2. Thank you, Lee Ann, for sharing and reminding us that we have a future that is out of this world, and telling us that we need to go about our Father’s business. What a great devotion.

  3. Eucharist says it in one word that Christ expressed all the benefit of His death for us. Then our Holy, Holy, Holy, declares His victory over death for us. Eucharist (Give Thanks).

  4. Lee Ann, your devotion reminds me of Jesus’ parable about the one in ten who was thankful. It is a great reminder. Thank you, sister.

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