Stephanie Pavlantos: “Daddy’s Girl” — 10 Comments

  1. Stephanie, I enjoyed reading about how your Dad overcame his difficulties as his spiritual man grew in faith. When I started my disability a few years ago because of medical reasons, I also felt depressed. However, God showed me that He could turn evil into good, which blessed not only me but also family and friends.

  2. I loved my Daddy, but he wasn’t a believer. However he was saved on his deathbed, praise the Lord. Mum and Dad made sure we went to Sunday School and Church. I did fall away from the church for quite awhile, but I wasn’t a believer then. I was saved by Grace when I was 32 and our children were school age. Praise the Lord He has been with me ever since.

  3. I love your story, Stephanie. When I was teaching, many students in my classroom came from dysfunctional homes with absentee dads. I always used to encourage them to be the kind of parent to their future children that they wished their fathers had been. I loved seeing their eyes light up with hope for their future. My prayers are that their future be bathed in the unconditional love and hope of Jesus Christ.

  4. I think the statement that stands out most for me is ” We may never know on this side of heaven the impact we have on others. But God does.” You daddy had no idea how much of God’s love he was pouring into his girls. God did; because He kept refilling your dad each day. Bless you for sharing this wonderful story and lesson ma’am. I’m certain that when you are reunited with your dad in heaven, he will be smiling broadly, grateful to see how the love he poured into you has been poured out onto so many others. God’s blessings ma’am.

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