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  1. I oft wonder if God understands and can overlook our occasional “busy”, which is why it’s important to me to hide God’s Word in my heart. I store it up there for those times when I’m unable to devote the time I should to the study of His Word. Family, financial, and yes, fellowship demands can rob us of the precious time we have to spend in His Word. For me, and I wish I could do it better than I sometimes do, is to draw from that well of His strength and focus, pray, and attempt to find what new hidden nugget of truth is found there. A good substitute to the alternative of the well-intentioned, I’ll find time later, we have to guard that this does not become our daily practice. If we continue to draw down our reserves and not replenish them, we find ourselves dwindling away spiritually also. I believe God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Thank you for a powerful reminder my friend.

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