Julie Souza Bradley Lilly: Our Daily Bread — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you Julie for bringing to my attention the meaning of bread in the Lord’s prayer. How wonderful our Father provides more of Jesus everyday.

    • Thank you, Glenda, for your comment. Julie’s devotion inspires me too, to remember Jesus is our “Daily Bread.” Thank you, Julie!!!

  2. Julie, I love the way you brought “The Lords Prayer” into simpler thoughts. I believe that anyone who reads this will see the prayer in a new way which will draw them closer to God. Tremendous work Julie thank you for sharing it and I am also going to share it in my group on Facebook,”Come to the Table.

    • Thank you, Ed, for this comment. I think Julie did a great job too. She listened to the Holy Spirit regarding the identity of our “Daily Bread.”

    • Thank you so much, Ed! God bless you for your kindness. I pray that we will all come and enjoy times of refreshing with the Lord daily, and that each day more of our flesh falls away, to make room to receive more of Jesus.

  3. Julie, this devotion changed the way I will look at The Lord’s Prayer forever! I will start my day by receiving my daily portion of Jesus and because of your keen insight I will know He is the Person in The Lord’s Prayer we are supposed to notice. Thank you, sister!

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