Friends — 15 Comments

    • Diane, I’ll be happy to introduce you to her in Heaven. You’ll love her! She was definitely a blessing to me. Thank you for your encouragement and your friendship.

    • Thank you for reading my devotion. Yes, our true best friend is Jesus! I know your friends love and cherish you.

  1. The best friends are the ones God brings into our lives–they are indeed a treasure! It reminds me of the friendship between Jonathan and David. Even though on opposing political sides, their hearts were intertwined in mutual respect and love for one another.

    • Karen, God is faithful to bring those friends into our lives which bless us and give us the opportunity to befriend them. They are definitely a treasure.

  2. Evelyn, I have many friends who are blessings in my life, but your post encouraged me to watch for the new ones God has selected. I pray I will offer my friends the Christ-like qualities Jesus gives to us. Thanks to you and Diane for this wonderful post.

    • I’m so grateful that you’re my friend as well as my cousin! New friends are such a blessing when we know God sends them. I appreciate your encouragement. Love and answering.

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