The Fruit of Patience — 8 Comments

  1. Evelyn, as always, your writing is informative and delightful to read. The beginning of your story sounds painfully familiar to me, a clock-watcher. The Lord continues to teach me to keep my eyes on Him when I have to wait. Thank you for Scripture references to help.

    • Thank you, Jeannie. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s really hard to relax when we’re tied to a clock, isn’t it? God is helping me in this area, as I attempt to focus on Him and His purpose. I appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Great post, Evelyn. I find I’m patient when dealing with others, but not so much with close family. I have to pray daily to have victory in that area. Thanks for the Scriptures—what great encouragement! ❤️

    • Thanks for your comments, Karen. Yes, it is sometimes hard to exhibit patience with those close to us. It is also a matter of prayer for me, as well. I’m glad you were encouraged by my post.

  3. Thank you Ms. Evelyn. As someone whose motto is “If you’re only 10 minutes early, then you’re 5 minutes late”, I can appreciate the lessons of developing this important character of Christ. My “blind spots” with patience remain when others are not respectful of another’s time. Some learn at a different pace, and that’s okay. I’m usually patient until I realize the person does not wish to put forth any effort to learn. That’s when my patience wears thin. Still working on that one. 🙂 God’s blessings.

    • Thank you, J.D. You are always such an encourager. I just like to get to where I’m going earlier that I need to be. Someone asked why I wanted to be so early. I told them, “i like to get my bearings!” Blessings to you and yours.

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