Evelyn Mason Wells: The Fruit of Kindness — 19 Comments

  1. Thank you, J.D. for your kind words. Showing kindness during a bad day is turning out to be an amazing blessing to me. You are so right in that our kindness has the power to make a difference in the lives of others. And we never know when we are entertaining an angel! Your adopted mama was a wise lady!

  2. Lovely post on kindness, Evelyn. My great-grandparents were like yours, always inviting strangers in to dinner as they traveled down dusty country roads on horseback. Even during the Great Depression, my grandmother would feed strangers who knocked at her door in the city–she’d make a fried egg sandwich and give them a cup of coffee. God repays our kindness to others. Thanks for the reminder.

    • What a heritage we and so many others have, Karen. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. We had people from time to time traveling on foot who would stop by our farm for a drink of our wonderful well water. Mother always made them feel at home! You are so right about God repaying our kindness!

  3. Evelyn, I love the story of sharing well water and much more. Your post is a breath of fresh air in these times. Kindness is a blessing to the giver and the recipient. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Jeannie. They belong to you, too! I wish we could have gotten to know some of these people we only heard about. It always pays to repay kindness. We receive the greater blessing.

  4. Evelyn, love this story about showing kindness and also about sharing what we have with others. Inspiring words.

    • Glenda, thanks for reading my Bible study. We do always reap blessings from showing kindness to others.

  5. Thank you, Evelyn, for reminding us about the spiritual fruit of kindness. I remember years ago, when my husband and I were just starting out, I went to the store with coupons and was getting a two-for-one butter item. An elderly lady came to the same shelf and asked me to reach the butter for her. There were only two butters on the shelf, so I got the butter and gave her the coupon. It felt so good to bless her with the coupon. I planned on returning later to see if the store had restocked. When I came home, my mother was there with two bags of groceries. On the very top of the first bag, was butter. God repaid my kindness by my mother’s kindness. I have always remembered this. It showed me God repays kindness, so we can be a blessing and still know our needs will be met.

    • Thank you for sharing your story about how you were blessed because of your kindness to the elderly lady. I love hearing these stories! Thank you for all your support and help!

  6. Once masks became essential wear, it became clear how much I relied on, and appreciated seeing people’s faces. Whether to read lips, measure reaction or gauge emotion, so much communication happens in non-verbal exchanges like a knowing glance or a smile. It’s something so little, but translates powerfully, and it means so much. Thanks for the reminder to be kind and show hospitality.

    • I really miss seeing and experiencing the smiles of others. But I have had the privilege of seeing “smiling eyes” as I’m sure you have, too. It is good to reflect on how we can bless others with kindness. We never know when we have made an eternal difference to someone. Thank you for reading my Bible study.

    • Thank you, Stephanie. Although I never knew her, I think my mother was like her. She always showed such wonderful hospitality to those who visited. When I think of the word, kind, I think of Mother. I appreciate your kind words and your help!

  7. It takes so little to show kindness to another, yet it has the power to turn someone’s day completely around. Hebrews 13:2 was a verse my adopted mama used to share with me all the time. I don’t think that little woman ever met a stranger in her life. “Greet the world with a smile and kindness, for you never know when you might just be entertaining an Angel.” I remember those words each time I’m standing in line, being inconvenienced or when I meet a new person. Of course, my favorite time to be kind is when I’m having a rotten day. The reward God gives us when we show kindness to others instantly makes our day better. How can God come near and give us a “heart hug” and we not smile? 🙂 Thank you for your wonderfully warm reminder of this fact ma’am.

    • Thank you, J.D. for your kind words. Your adopted mama was a wise lady. She is so right – we never know when we are entertaining angels. I agree with you that our kindness can turn someone’s day around. What a privilege to be a blessing to others!

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