Rock, Rattle, and Roll — 12 Comments

  1. Sudden disaster can and does rock our world. However, nothing which happens in our lives or circumstances is a surprise to God. He stands by us and never leaves us. He never has and never will. Thank you for sharing this truth with us in such an insightful manner.

  2. This post needs an “Amen!” button. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.
    I find myself drawn to Psalms. I relate, because the emotions in it vary greatly, but the hope never changes- God alone.

  3. Ed thank you for pointing us to the One who never changes. The One we can lean on with assurance, that He Will never be moved.

  4. Thank you, Ed, for highlighting a great point. Jesus is the cornerstone that will never fail or crumble. When we bulid our faith upon him we have surety of standing strong when the various stroms of life treaten us.

  5. Thank you, Ed, for your wise advice. We do need to rely on God. This is a timely post with what we are seeing in the world with the pandemic. Thank you for sharing.

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