Breakfast of Champions — 18 Comments

  1. I really do love how you spoil my nephew and nieces (((Hugs))). Gigi’s trying not to be jealous – lol.

    And, I love how God spoils us. He’s such a good Father, a good provider. Always keeps His word, and His personal promises to me.

    Love nibbling on His Word, popcorn bites, very tasty and fulfilling.

  2. As much as there are certain foods that we like more than others, it should remind us of the creator of those tasty eats. Thanks for the reminder of God’s goodness in all things, our food and more importantly, His Word.

  3. Such sweet fur babies! Beautifully written Diane. A call to come to the table and enjoy all that the Lord has for us in His wonderful Word.

    • Thank you, sweet sister Glenda. I enjoyed writing about this, and my cowdoggies provided the inspiration.

    • Thank you, Ed. I know you relate with your’s and Kym’s Critter Care ministry. 🙂 Pets provide joy for our lives, and God makes us His champions too when we dine upon His Word.

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