Diane Virginia: Angela’s Apple (Original Version) — 4 Comments

  1. SISTER DIANE for ever grateful to you for this poem for my wife Angelita. We just came back from LIMA PERU. We went to deposit her ashes in her homeland- the LORD did everything well so we can accomplish this task. Also HE GAVE US JOY, PEACE, THANKS TO YOU DIANE, PHIL, AND ALL WHO MAY PRAYER FOR ALL OF US… I PRAY A WONDERFUL OUTPOURING OF HIS SPIRIT IN ALL OF THE READERS…and more favor for you dianne

    • Hello Pastor Victor, We pray blessings to you as well. We are glad your Angelita is home and that you and your sons were able to bring her to her homeland of Peru. We were honored to meet Angela. She truly is a remarkable lady, full of kindness and grace. Shalom to you, Diane Virginia

    • Thank you, sister, for your encouraging comments. This story is true, and is written as a memorial to Angela Marcos. She taught us the values portrayed therein, because kindness is within her character.

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