Welcoming Joy Earrings ™


Chandler Earrings: Sterling silver; Swarovski crystal

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Rise up, my love… The flowers appear on the earth; the time of  singing… is come…”

Song of Solomon 2:10b, 12a

Symbols: Spiral Swarovski Crystals = The Bride rising in beauty; Nature-Themed Swarovski Crystals = Renewal of joy in the Lord

Wear these Welcoming Joy Earrings as a reminder that you are the Bride of Christ, and that the Lord Jesus Christ is the source of your joy. This piece makes a great gift for the prayer warrior, but is equally appropriate for someone enduring trials with the Lord’s empowerment.

The artist chooses nature-themed Swarovski elements, such as those pictured here, at her discretion, to represent renewal of joy and the spiritual season of Spring. She chooses a variety of colors. The spiral around the top Swarovski crystal is made of sterling silver. These earrings close with a lever back topped with a fleur (pictured here) or similar festive ornament of sterling silver. The piece you receive will be similar but not identical to the earrings pictured. Variations in colors and elements used are part of the process of creating this piece.

PLEASE NOTE: These are handcrafted pieces, so the pictures are only representative of the product. Variations are a natural result of the jewelry-making process and the beads used. The artist is not able to mass produce these pieces, so availability is determined by her time constraints. If the product is “In Stock” she has crafted the piece. If it is “Out of Stock,” check back later to see if she has made another piece. All product names and designs are trademarked. 


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