My Virtuous Bride Earrings ™


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The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her… Her clothing is silk and purple.

Proverbs 31:11, 22

SYMBOLS: Joined Heart Chain = My husband’s trust and love, freely given and continuing forever.  Silk Spiral Pearl = My Bride’s love, as a silk cocoon, unfolding in glorious beauty. Purple Crystal = Our royal covenant of marriage; empowered, entrusted, entwined.

One glance at the symbols of this beautiful piece, and you will see its value. The symbols are written as if it is a dialogue between a husband and his wife, or an engaged couple. This piece makes a great wedding or anniversary gift for that special couple or for you. Wear this to remember the covenantal bond you have with your husband.

As you would expect from VineWords Jewelry, quality material makes up this piece. The chain is sterling silver, and the pearls and crystals are Swarovski.

PLEASE NOTE: These are handcrafted pieces, so the pictures are only representative of the product. Variations are a natural result of the jewelry-making process and the beads used. The artist is not able to mass produce these pieces, so availability is determined by her time constraints. If the product is “In Stock” she has crafted the piece. If it is “Out of Stock,” check back later to see if she has made another piece. All product names and designs are trademarked. 


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