Stephanie Pavlantos: Are You Thriving? — 6 Comments

  1. Stephanie, thank you for another powerful devotion expressing the urgent need to be in the Word of Truth under the perfect power of the Spirit of Truth. As expressed by JD, the unrest and chaos in today’s society illustrates 2 Timothy 4:3 playing out in front of our eyes. I admit I was not thriving. Thankfully, God led me down the path out of deception. I am learning to live Spirit-filled functioning within the confines of love, peace, truth, patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control, faithfulness and joy in a balance state. This is an ongoing process, and God has blessed me with individuals in my life supportive of my goal. Thank you for being one of those individuals. Our churches need to unite and get on board rather than dividing based on one’s own interpretation and Satan’s deception. Such a blessing from God! 💙

    • It is so good to hear and see that the Lord is working in you. I see a big difference from the first time you came to my Zoom class. Thank you Dar for your obedience to the Lord and for the encouragement you are to me.

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