Stephanie Pavlantos: Are You Thriving? — 6 Comments

  1. I am blown away by this amazing article, my thoughts exactly. Having a chronic illness, I cut sugar out of my diet decades ago. I was very addicted and it’s in everything from mayo to ketchup! Four years ago, my health greatly improved removing dairy, most grains(except quinoa and oatmeal), gluten, soy and preservatives. I eat to live now, instead of ‘live to eat!!!’

    Since our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I take this responsibility very seriously. After decades in bed, the diet change gave me vitality, I love walks in nature! Everything is homemade and made from scratch. I was in bondage, food was way too important…but today I have Vitality. I no longer indulge at Thanksgiving, etc. because my body is weakened considerably for many days…just not worth it.

    Thanks for this excellent article, you covered everything that matters! (wink) <3

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