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Earrings: Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Unakite, Quartz Earrings: John 15:1,5

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 I am the true vine… He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit.

John 15:1a, 5

Symbol: The  “Vine” represents  Jesus Christ. Believers are the fruitful “branches.” This piece references John 15:1a, 5

Wear The True Vine Earrings in recognition that you are under the lordship of the True Vine, Jesus Christ. This also makes a great gift for friends who love Jesus and demonstrate they are under His lordship.

The quartz “leaves” in this piece vary considerably, so each piece is unique. The unakite stones are of genuine material, and most of the Swarovski crystals have an AB finish on them to add sparkle. The crosses chosen for each piece are at the artist’s discretion. (The purple square cross pictured here is no longer available by the supplier, so the artist is using various other beautiful crosses.)

PLEASE NOTE: These are handcrafted pieces, so the pictures are only representative of the product. Variations are a natural result of the jewelry-making process and the beads used. The artist is not able to mass produce these pieces, so availability is determined by her time constraints. If the product is “In Stock” she has crafted the piece. If it is “Out of Stock,” check back later to see if she has made another piece. All product names and designs are trademarked. 



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