Diane Virginia: Prayers for Bessie (3-Min) — 12 Comments

  1. What a beautiful reminder to pray for those who jump to conclusions and believe the worst about us. They are probably hurt. Have you ever heard the saying, “Hurt people, hurt people” It is so true!

    • I agree, sister. Our prayers for the “Bessies” in our lives can bring them into their God-given destinies. Think of Saul, later to become Paul. He first was a “Bessie” before he was an Apostle. The prayers of Stephen as he was being stoned to death, made an impact. Saul was like a detailed train. But he got back on track and became Paul because Stephen prayed for him and God answered Stephen’s heartfelt prayer.

  2. I love the Saul to Paul story and how his encounter with Jesus turned his life around. Tonight my prayer partner read where Paul gave testimony of being there when Stephen was killed. How he had such a huge role in the torment and murder of so many believers. Reading your story reminded me that I need to pray for those who are like Bessie in my life. And I felt that tear Pastor Troy shed, it gripped at me. Good story.

    • Thank you, sister. I just read that passage today too. Look at what Paul became…a great apostle. But at one juncture in his life he was a “Bessie.” Something to think about. Our prayers activate a person’s true potential.

  3. This devotion is a blessing and a reminder to pray for those around us even if they don’t respond to us in love.

    • Yes, sister. I agree. 🙂 The “Bessies” in our lives are hurting souls who benefit from our heartfelt prayers. 🙂

  4. Your post went straight to my heart this morning Ms Diane Virginia. So often we are wont to pass judgment on others, even when we don’t know the “whole story.” I’m guilty of that very thing myself more than I would care to admit it. I make judgments about people, strangers, associates, acquaintances, even family members, every day. Thank you for showing me my right response is not “Not be a Bessie.” God’s blessings ma’am.

    • Thank you, J.D. This devotion was birthed out of a situation where I had several “Bessies” passing judgment on me personally. When I prayed about it, the Lord spoke to me this answer found in Job. We will all face a “Bessie” from time to time. The wonderful thing is, when we pray rather than allowing their hurtful comments to affect us, we end up falling in love with the “Bessie” and our prayers target their wounded souls effectively.

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