The Smile — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you my dear sister in Christ. I appreciate your gracious mirror more than I can say. Home from my most recent surgery, 1 week ago, and feeling physically less than well, I am HONORED our Lord still shines in my smile. When it is not well with my health, my family, my work, my world, SO much…it IS well with my soul! I praise God for reminding me that despite my human inability to ever DO anything to EARN my entry to my intended perfect home, He determined I was worth giving his only Son for! There is NOTHING greater than His love for me and ALL! I am EXCITED for every moment He blesses me with an opportunity to share this by loving others as first He loved us. Thank you my sister. Through my tears of pain and earthly frustration, I am smiling, humbled by your gracious reminder of how our Lord uses ALL for good. Thank you!!!

  2. That is so true, Maria. Thank you for sharing this story. A sincere smile can soften a heart . In this day and age of masks, we can’t forget that our smiles shine through our eyes.

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