Karen Jurgens: Finding JOY in Trials — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you, Karen, for the remind that we are to be joyful in all circumstances! “Blaise Pascal stated that all people, without exception, seek happiness; Thomas Aquinas expressed that people crave spiritual joy; Augustine claims that every person desires to be happy; and Ignatius wishes “abundance of happiness.” Randy Alcorn wrote, “I’ve studied more than 2,700 scripture passages where words such as joy, happiness, gladness, merriment, pleasure, celebration, cheer, laughter, delight, jubilation, feasting, exultation and celebration are used.” Just a small excerpt to share from my upcoming book 🙂

    • Wonderful quotes, Lee Ann! And as we look forward to heaven, just think of all the JOY we’ll experience for eternity. Your upcoming book sounds like it will be highly successful! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, sister.

  2. Wonderful post Ms. Karen. When folks learn that joy is not dependent upon external events and circumstances, but it focused on our relationship with God, there is reason to celebrate every day. His word reassures us there is a known future for each. God’s blessings ma’am.

    • Thanks so much, J.D. for your wise words. We are not promised a life without trials, but we are promised JOY in our relationship with Jesus. It will sustain us through our lives, come what may, and give us the will to press on through the hard times and the delight to rejoice in the good ones.

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