Karen Jurgens: Finding God’s Peace in the Sabbath — 8 Comments

  1. Whether a Saturday or a Sunday–I’ll leave it to the religious folks to argue that point–the sabbath, as God requires, is a day of rest. Even though I’ll feed my cattle, and do needed chores, I do so with a restful spirit within me. While I seek time with God each day, the sabbath brings a time of special “closeness: with God. In a sense, we’re sharing our rest with each other. As a Christian, there is much for me to do. To achieve peak performance, I must rest in Him. Great post ma’am.

    • I agree with you, J.D. Whenever our seventh day may be, it’s a blessed day to commune with our Maker and share in His rest and peace. It’s our reset button for the new week. Thanks, dear friend.

  2. Thank you Karen for the reminder of Rest and the true meaning of it. I love what you said about communing with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and be refreshed. That really blessed me.

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