Karen Jurgens: A Godly Heritage — 10 Comments

  1. Karen, I absolutely love your post! It brought back wonderful memories of our vacations in South Georgia which took hours of travel. We lived in Northeast Georgia and in those days, there were no interstate highways or four-lane roads in this area. We were engulfed by hugs and kisses from various and sundry relatives on arrival. Those were the vacations we took when I was a child. I didn’t care that we used our vacations to visit our people. It was the very best kind. And, like you, I was mesmerized by the family stories which were told year after year. I never minded. It defined to me the foundation which had been built by those of our family throughout the years. A foundation I still stand on. Thank you so much for the blessing of your memories!

    • I’m so glad it bought back good memories, Evelyn. It sounds like we have many things in common–especially soaking in the stories around family gatherings.I agree, it does give us our firm foundation for which you and I are very thankful. God bless you, sister. xoxo

  2. To be loved and cared for by those who know and walk with Christ is truly a gift. Their prayers and influence- priceless. I love your story. You relayed it so well, I felt as if I was there. I didn’t wanted to end.

  3. So important for our children and grandchildren to hear our family stories. Thank you Karen for sharing.

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