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  1. Always enjoy your posts Ms. Diane, but this one, coming on the heels of our National Day of Prayer, spoke loudly this morning. As I was reading, I recalled your harrowing experience. The idea of a cardioversion is frightening in the best of circumstances, but in the midst of an emergency it must be beyond comprehension. As I was reading, my heart was crying out, “A spiritual cardioversion? Yes, that’s exactly what we need in our nation.” I mean not to make this precious blog a political rant because I do not for one second believe that any political party, affiliation, or approach can pull America back from the precipice we find our nation leaning over. As we peer into the abyss of immorality that seems to be pulling us in as a nation, the only plausible solution is a reset or restart of our national heart. Unless each person returns to the moral standard of alignment with God’s Word, the standard that our nation was founded upon, then we may soon find ourselves swept into the undercurrent of evil that is drowning this world. For such a national revival to have its full effect, it must begin in the hearts of those true believers, which is where all revival has its roots. The intervention we so desperately need is truly within our individual hearts ma’am. Thank you for this encouraging word today. God’s blessings.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, brother J.D., and often cry out for revival for our nation, and for the world. We definitely need a heart restart, spiritually. I pray that the snippets of revival that we’ve been witnessing will strengthen and that more revival will come. We need God now more than any time ever.

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