Expecting a Visitor — 17 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Diane. What a beautiful way to share Jesus. There are so many entrapped. I pray for the young woman you shared with. We don’t have to make up anything or try to impress. We are called to speak the truth as you did.

    • Yes, sister. I agree. I hope both found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ and turned away from the cult they were in.

  2. Wonderful devotion. We never know who we can reach until we try. We also don’t know how that planted seed will grow. All God asks us to do is be faithful in telling others about him. Then let him do the rest.

    • Amen! Yes! I think about the young lady often, and the elder lady too. I pray they both found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. (I was the pray-er in this story.)

  3. We may never no the impact our words will make in someone’s life. Especially when we tell them about Jesus and how much He loves them. Thank you Diane Virginia for reminding us that we have a Helper, who will give us the words to speak.

    • Yes, the Helper does come alongside us, showing us just how to love a person to salvation. Thank you for your kind words, sister.

    • Yes! We CAN make a difference. I still pray for the young lady I witnessed to, that she found her way to freedom through accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior. (I was the old lady in this fictional story.) but the situation actually happened. I was amazed how the Lord prepared us to witness to a cult member.

  4. Thank you, Diane! This is an excellent reminder that when I am asked by the Lord to step outside of my comfort zone, that my obedience will be met with His faithfulness. Hallelujah!

    • Yes it is, sister. I am the elderly lady in the story. I still think about the young lady whom I witnessed to and pray she got free from the cult and found her true love, Jesus Christ.

    • Thank you, sister. I am “Jenny” in this devotion. I still think about the young woman who needed to be rescued from the cult and I pray she found her way out and then into the arms of Jesus who loves her.

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