Evelyn Mason Wells: My Father — 3 Comments

  1. Very sweet story of your father, Evelyn, just as Jesus is Father to us, His children. I love your words: “Our Heavenly Father wants to spend time with us and wants us to also enjoy spending time with Him. He delights in us and He always has time for us to approach Him in prayer. He is never too busy for us. God is available whenever we need Him, and He is available when we just want to enjoy His company.” Praise the Lord for loving us and never being too busy. Amen! xoxo

  2. I am so thankful I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. No matter what I face throughout life, He is always there for me. Thank you, Evelyn, for this beautiful devotion.

    • Thank you, Ed. I appreciate your reading the devotion. Yes, I’m so thankful my Heavenly Father is with me always.

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