Elise Crawford: God’s Love — 4 Comments

  1. We can take our daily troubles and place them in God’s loving care, for His desire is to set us free from worry, fear, and anxiety . . . Our burden gone, we can then look above, past every storm, to the light of His love. Stand firm in knowing God loves you! Hugs.

    • Thank you, Robbin, for this comment. I agree. God is so good! Thank God the Lord was there for Elise and she decided to call out to Him.

  2. Elise, Thank you for sharing your life. I gasped when I read your fiancé was murdered. While you have been through tremendous trials & tribulations, you embrace God’s love & will for us as his children. I anticipate that you will continue to do so. Please thank your son for me for his service in the Navy. Many blessings! 💜

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