Diane Virginia: Homemade Bread — 4 Comments

  1. Amen Diane! We can’t expect to sit back on our laurels and let everyone and everything be done for us. There is a sense of satisfaction when you have labored hard and can see, smell, and taste the fruits of your labor. Thanks for helping me to remember those things from from my grandmother’s kitchen. A chapter every morning in God’s word and then making an effect to live out my faith is the spiritual nutrition I need each day!

  2. So many great lessons found here Ms. Diane. And yes, I can smell the aroma of baking bread, I can see the butter melting into the warm, thick slice in my mind. I can taste the sweetness and the spongy texture in my mouth. Oh my goodness, but how you’ve taken me home this morning. Can’t wait till my Ms. Diane and I get to visit you and Mr. Phil one day. I’ll be sure to bring my appetite. 🙂

    • Yes, that’ll be great. We look forward to your visit with great anticipation. Bring an appetite, and if I can I’ll make bread. 🙂

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