Dancing Shoes — 19 Comments

  1. Diane , I read this one other time. It is still awesome. Thank you. Today we went to a beautiful campground where our daughter and future son-in-law are camping for the week. We sat in our canvas chairs, with the river water cruising quickly by, and children playing everywhere. Hearing them scream and giggle, run, ride their bikes, scooters, or just playing. They were having so much fun with such abandonment! I couldn’t stop smiling. It brought back memories of when our children were young, camping, and the fun they had. One little guy walked the roadway with his momma, carrying his blankie and bottle, and just enjoying himself. Another little girl wrecked her bike. A little boy offered to pick up the acorns that spilled out of her little pink basket on her bike. Instead, she had him hold her bike while she squatted down to pick up her treasure herself and sent me the sweetest smile. Sorry this is so long, but your sweet story made me think of these precious children I saw today. Thank you Lord for the precious memories of our children and watching these little ones having the time of their lives.

    • Yes He did, sister. I was amazed by His goodness. The faith of a child shows the simplicity of the Gospel message.

  2. Oh, love that story. I pray my grand daughter will love Jesus and want to “dance” for Him! Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Oh my… how you have touched my heart with God’s divine love this morning ma’am. May we all dance in joyous celebration of spending time with our God. It’s not often that others can inspire one of my “Heart Hugs.” Today, you did exactly that sweet friend. God’s blessings on you and Ms. Danielle. I pray she still dances with Jesus.

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