Life is a Juggling Act — 18 Comments

  1. Thank you Maria for the reminder that we need to keep our Lord Jesus Christ as the center of our life and then all things fall into place. Love this!

    • Glenda, every day is a juggling act for me. I do the best I can. God knows our hearts. We can’t be hard on ourselves. Always seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction.

      • Maria, I was listening to a preacher this morning that was reminding us we are never going to be perfect here, but God sees us as being perfected because of Jesus’ gift and the grace He gives us. We are perfected by grace. Rest in His grace and know He loves you deeply.

  2. “Show those things you once neglected some attention, so they will no longer nag you.”

    Ouch! That was for me. I so appreciated this devotion. It’s a constant struggle to keep up, and keep my priorities straight. Grateful, for the encouragement.

  3. I love writing scripture by hand. It helps me really soak in the Word. I quit doing it because I don’t have pretty handwriting or a knack for drawing and got in my own way saying it wasn’t beautiful enough. The truth is, I need to write it for my heart. Oh well that I don’t have pretty handwriting or the talent to draw images. ♡

  4. Thank you for your words of wisdom! I loved “You’ve got this! As you prioritize your relationship with Jesus, the puzzle pieces of life become a beautiful array rather than an unrecognizable mess…”

  5. Maria, this is beautifully written and shows your heart for the LORD, for ministering to others, and for being genuine, authentic,and kind. I’m blessed to call you my friend.

  6. Great post, Maria. I center my thoughts on Jesus by walking and listening to praise and worship music. I walk in God’s beautiful creation and talk to Him as I go. I watch the ducks swim by in our pond and focus on His peace. He always refreshes my soul.

    • Karen, thank you for your kind words. I love watching the ducks paddle by at my sister’s house, so I know what you mean. Nature has a way of grounding us. I try not to take advantage of God’s handiwork. His constant reminders of His beautiful creations help me to focus on Him. Sounds like we have something in common.

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