A Mother’s Mind — 15 Comments

  1. Maria, I enjoyed your poem. It touched my heartstrings, as I remembered the times I faced my two boys growing up too fast and becoming adults. They are both incredible men and both love God. You’ll enjoy them at each season in their lives.

  2. Good job, Maria! As an empty nester, I can relate. The good news is that your twins have a future and a hope just like you do! I pray you will find joy along with the tears as they spread their wings. They were meant to fly! ❤️

    • Julie, I appreciate your encouraging words. My prayer for my son during his last race this past Saturday was that he grow wings and fly! I will continue to lift up prayers along the same vein that both my children will soar like eagles. 🦅

  3. This poem speaks to the hearts and minds of all who love children and how amazing they are through their guidance and development. It’s an inspirational unique piece of work from a talented author sharing her heart and life for all who are blessed by this as I am.

  4. Glenda, Thank you for your kind words. I imagine it won’t be long before I will be prayering like you for my grandchildren. We’re very fortunate to have the power of prayer working in our lives. God bless you and your family!

  5. What a beautiful poem, inspiring scriptures, and a heart towards children. Thanks, Maria, for sharing your heart.

    • Diane, it is truly a pleasure to share my world with everyone. You have done a remarkable job on the design & execution of this blog. I absolutely adore the photo of the boy/girl pool babies. So sweet! I could eat them up! Made my day! I even showed my son the blog, because I was gushing over the cuteness. Thank you for sharing your talents.

      • Thanks, sister. It’s been a collaborative effort. My son, daughter, tech-saavy hubby, and a few friends, as well as a web designer helped in the process. Thanks for being part of the VineWords Team of writers. I appreciate that very much. God speed on your booy baby, Never Again. May God bless your efforts to help teens come trust God’s direction for their lives.

  6. Maria, I love all of this, especially the poem. My children are grown and living their own lives, but I still pray for their success and their walk with the Lord. And also pray the for the grandchildren.

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