Glenda Shouse: Disillusioned — 8 Comments

  1. Such a good reminder, Glenda. I have been a Sarai in my past, trying to help God’s promise come to pass. What a mistake! God has perfect timing for all His promises, which I learned the hard way. Great post! Blessings xoxo

  2. Glenda, I loved your post. It is what I need to hear most days. The life of a writer trying to get a book deal is full of rejection and disappointment. Disillusionment can be a close friend at times…Thank you for the truth within this post.

    • Thank you Stephanie, for your comment, I have been in that place also of not wanting to wait on God’s timing.

  3. Hey Glenda, thanks for your insightful devotion. My go-to verse when I’m feeling disillusioned is Philippians 4:8. This helps me to change my focus.

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