Ben Cooper: The Breath of Life — 6 Comments

  1. Great message Ben. As I look out of my home office window and see frost melting on the roofs across the street, I think of the breath of Heaven. The fog reminds me of how God is the breath of life.

  2. Amazing, isn’t it Ben—the breath of God in these jars of clay. Thank you for your hope-filled words, the reminder of the God breathed promises of scripture and the glorious future God has planned for those who are His. Until then, yes, let us strive to give Him praise and bring Him glory with our every breath this side of eternity. — Write on, brother. Grateful for you and your faithfulness to your ministries.

    • Yes, Rachael, it is very amazing! It would be like seeing our playdough creations come to life and have the option to do impressive things for us. I am truly thankful that He breath both the physical and spiritual breath into me!

  3. Thank you for this encouraging post Mr. Ben. As for sub-zero temperatures, I survived too many years in the desolate wasteland of Chicago, so I could appreciate your description; yet, as your words point out, I am grateful for the breath of life God breathes into each of us that allowed me to experience those years. Had there been no Chicago, there would have been no Ms. Diane in my life; and that would have been a most-amazing blessing missed. Well said author!

    • JD, I know they call it the windy city, But they leave out the “cold” part. My mom grew up East of Chicago in a Paris, Ill. There was nothing to stop the wind from blowing. It was all flat. Living in the shadow slopes of the Eastern Continental Divide helps reduce some of that for me. I think even those winds all started from the very breath of God.

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