Ben Cooper: Bookends — 9 Comments

  1. Bookends are a great analogy, Ben! I had never noticed that in the chapter…thank you for the lesson and devotion. It seems that’s another way God used to tell us that no one comes to Him except through Jesus. Amen.

    • My time doing my online Bible study allows me to “see” things that were there all along, but never took notice of before. The devotions I write and the lessons I cover are the things I have been finding and sharing with others. Thanks for your comments and for listening in to what I’ve been sharing.

  2. Wonderful message, Ben. A reminder of the importance of our part in God’s plan. I have so many modern day heroes that impact my walk of faith. Although I am not always grateful for technology, it is a blessing to know many of you through these inspiring words shared across the miles through technology.

  3. Ben, great post. My modern-day heroes are my friends too. I love the boldness of Rachael Colby and Doug Carter. Their message is different, yet they point people to Christ. They are not perfect and will declare it often, however, we know God uses the imperfect to proclaim His perfection.
    Keep up the good work, my friend.

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