About Lynne Head

Lynne Head operates a counseling practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. After she survived a horrific accident, where she was catapulted from the car along with her best friend, she was traumatized as she watched her friend die. Lynn not only received counseling to heal her of this grief, she took an interest in becoming a professional, earning an MS in Counseling, so she would have the skills to help others heal from similar traumas and life’s challenges. She and her husband have worked in the mission field, serving as church planters near Paris, and serving on World Team in member care since 2003, training and equipping missionaries. Lynne is a devotion writer for VineWords: Devotions and More. She also writes devotions on her personal website. She is the author of Unfolding: Recovering Your Identity After Sexual Intrusion (Fruit-bearers Publishing). Having been a victim of sexual molestation, Lynne desires to help others who have been victimized, to overcome with the Lord’s help. Through transitions and trials in family and ministry, health issues, and the death of her son, she finds worship to be her greatest passion. Lynne has two adult children and five grandchildren. She enjoys family activities, mission trips, bird watching, nature walks, gluten-free baking, reading, and singing.