Conference Hair

By Diane Virginia Cunio

Conference hair. I’ve experienced it. Have you?

When I left home, every hair was slicked back, sprayed with mega-hold, and cooperating perfectly. I was ready for my glamor shot!

But, somewhere between Chic-Fil’-A drive-throughs, and gas stations, my perfect hairstyle was… uh… let’s just say it was looking a little tired.

It perked right up when we made the ascent of Black Mountain. I do say it almost looked like I’d had a fright. Especially when we ascended through the mist.

And then, there was day one of Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference. Every hair was back in place, and I was ready to listen to our first keynote speaker.

Something happened while walking to class to that perfect “do.” I didn’t notice until I looked at the photo a friend had taken of me and my teacher, that a little frizz was on my locks from the rain. Okay, a lot of frizz was in my dew. Full disclosure, there was not one hair still obeying the mega-hold spray.

Then I met Torry Martin. He has a contagious sense of humor. In fact, I looked at my hair after class, and I was sure it had turned the color of Luscious Mango. I had to read his book, Of Moose and Men to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

My hair stood at attention when keynote speaker Todd Starnes from Fox News challenged us to write for the good of our country. When I left, my hair was sparkling with stars and stripes.

Then there was the visit to the ladies in Clouds Coffee Shop. My “do” relaxed as I sipped and sat, and conversed with my new friends. I was ready, blessed by four friends who know how to love others just like Jesus does.

Then there was the day I departed. My locks drooped on the drive home. They just didn’t like the thought that the conference was over. I had to remind them that May comes every year, and so does the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s conference. I showed my locks the date for the next conference. My “do” sprung into joyful locks in anticipation. I think I’m going to need to visit the Facebook page from time to time so I can have good hair days.

Thank you, Edie Melson and DiAnn Mills, for conference hair. I am most grateful. I’ll see you soon!