Angela’s Apple (Original Version–3 Min Devotion)

Diane Virginia

“I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.”  Song of Solomon 2:3 KJV

“Would you like a slice of apple?” Angela asked.

“Sure,” I replied, not knowing she had already asked others, who sat at the conference table, the same question.

Angela sliced the apple into equal sections, carefully, precisely, and distributed them.  By the time she served her husband Victor, there wasn’t much left! I do not recall how many ate of the apple—Five? Perhaps six? That detail I have no recollection of, but Angela’s kind act I remember well.

We were acquaintances at the time—all attending the same conference. It was the first lunch I’d had with Angela and Victor. This couple would become dear to my heart, but, at the time, I didn’t know them well.

As I got to know Angela, the apple incident made sense to me. It described her character well. Angela had an innate ability to share whatever the Lord gave her. She put others before herself without even thinking about it. I witnessed several times Angela kindly slicing fruit or other foods, for Victor and herself, and serving her husband first. She served in other instances in the same fashion—clarifying a mother’s prayer to one who was ministering to the woman; worshiping the Lord in intimate prayer, unaware of others around her; bowing as I dedicated one of the books to the Lord, agreeing quietly with every word of the prayer; and smiling.

Angela’s smile was as beautiful as the juicy apple she shared with me the first day I met her. It wasn’t a larger-than-life grin, and it wasn’t a frown—certainly not a frown! Angela’s smile was gentle, poised, and, yes—there’s that word again—kind.

To Victor, my mighty prayer warrior friend, I pray you are aware that Angela’s kind smile is a gift to Jesus now. Your sweet Angela sits at the banqueting table with her Beloved Peacemaker, Jesus her Savior and Lord.  What is Angela doing right now? I imagine, she is slicing an apple, and offering it to her Almighty King. In fact, I’m sure of it, because Angela has always been good at slicing apples.

The spiritual fruit of kindness can be shared in simple ways—like slicing apples.

Copyright © 2016 (Short Version and Hispanic Version), Copyright © 2019 (Long Version): All Rights Reserved: Vinewords Stories and Devotions Inspired by the Vine: Author Diane Virginia Cunio; Pen Name, Diane Virginia: Angela’s Apple; La Manza de Angelita:

This devotion is to memorialize a remarkable lady named Angela Marcos, wife of Pastor Victor Marcos. It is my prayer that Angela will always be remembered for her kindness and her devotion to her family and to her beloved Jesus Christ.

Angela’s Apple (La Manza de Angelita), by Diane Virginia Cunio, was translated by Pastor Victor Marcos, for our Hispanic community, and has been shared in Virginia Beach, VA and in Lima, Peru, where our brother-in-Christ ministers.


4 responses to “ Angela’s Apple (Original Version–3 Min Devotion) ”

  1. VICTOR MARCOS says:

    SISTER DIANE for ever grateful to you for this poem for my wife Angelita. We just came back from LIMA PERU. We went to deposit her ashes in her homeland- the LORD did everything well so we can accomplish this task. Also HE GAVE US JOY, PEACE, THANKS TO YOU DIANE, PHIL, AND ALL WHO MAY PRAYER FOR ALL OF US… I PRAY A WONDERFUL OUTPOURING OF HIS SPIRIT IN ALL OF THE READERS…and more favor for you dianne

    • Diane Virginia says:

      Hello Pastor Victor, We pray blessings to you as well. We are glad your Angelita is home and that you and your sons were able to bring her to her homeland of Peru. We were honored to meet Angela. She truly is a remarkable lady, full of kindness and grace. Shalom to you, Diane Virginia

  2. What a sweet tribute to a beautiful soul. Thank you for this gentle reminder of kindness in action.

    • Diane says:

      Thank you, sister, for your encouraging comments. This story is true, and is written as a memorial to Angela Marcos. She taught us the values portrayed therein, because kindness is within her character.

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