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Diane Virginia Cunio is the author of The Kiss of Peace: An Intimate Exploration into Song of Solomon and Behind the Veil: Becoming the Bride of Song of Solomon.

Genre: Christian Living

Word Count: 80,000 each book

Study Guide: Each book has an accompanying Life Group Study Guide. The suggested run time is either six or twelve weeks for each book.


  • The Kiss of Peace is complete.
  • Behind the Veil’s completion date is estimated to be April 2020.

The purpose of this book series is to restore the biblical view of Song of Solomon as an allegory of the Groom Jesus Christ’s divine love for His bride, the church, and to counter the view that Song of Solomon is about sex. It is not.

In this series, the reader is an actor in the play, Song of Solomon. She steps into the vignette as “Love,”where she meets her Groom, “Beloved Solomon.” As she participates in vignette dialogue, she not only receives her Groom’s divine love, she realizes His allegorical identity is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. The reader learns the meaning of prophetic and symbolic metaphors, such as her Groom’s pierced, beryl-set hands; His Communion bread and wine; His anointing oils of myrrh and frankincense, and so much more…

Song of Solomon is holy and should be treated as such. Rabbi Akiva had this biblical perspective about the vignette. He fought for its inclusion in the Tanak (Jewish Old Testament). This book series goes one step further than Akiva’s perspective because the author acknowledges Beloved Solomon as a typology of Jesus Christ, and Love as a typology of the bride of Christ.

This series discusses the bride’s story of completion in her Groom:

The Kiss of Peace journals the bride’s preparation for marriage, what it means to be a bride, and it journals the bride’s ministry alongside her Beloved Groom. The reader enters a personal journey with her Beloved, and the most important discovery she makes is the powerful love her Groom has for her, a love that is described as a boiling-pot in its intensity and life-giving vibrancy, and it is a love that is indescribable in human terms. Thus, she is wooed into this allegorical vignette of the romance of her as Beloved’s bride.

Behind the Veil journeys through each of the mountains the mature bride visits during her ascension as wife/bride of her Beloved Solomon (Jesus Christ prototype). Marital unity, maturing in Beloved’s image, holiness, intercession, and witnessing are some of the topics covered therein. Song of Solomon chapter four is the text examined. It is written in the same manner as The Kiss of Peace; the reader is invited to experience her ascension as Beloved’s bride.

Once the reader learns her true identity, as described in The Kiss of Peace, and the love her Beloved calls her into, she will be compelled to read Behind the Veil in order to continue her journey into her peacemaker’s divine love, and to mature in her personal prayer-journey, ministry of intercession, ministry of witness, and most of all–in her unity with her Beloved Groom.


Diane and her husband Phil have founded the concept of motion-activated musical stations for the home or church prayer garden.

These units are installed as a single arbor/bench combo or as seven separate arbor/bench stations, each equipped with a motion-activated speaker.

Wired and solar options are available. For the wired station, the speaker is hidden in what looks like a bird house.  For the solar station, the speaker is hidden within the arbor’s arch.

Theme your prayer garden music around the hill and mountains described in Song of Solomon, representative of your spiritual journey. Visit Calvary as “the hill of frankincense,” where you first meet your Beloved, and continue your journey from there. You will be enlightened and empowered as you discover the depth of your Savior’s love.

Diane is prepared to speak on the subject to help you make your prayer garden retreat successful. She and her husband can give you the tools to create your own prayer garden retreat, at your church or residence. Please contact her at: email@vinewords.net


Diane is a regular contributor for:

  • Christian Broadcasting Network
  • Faith Beyond Fear

She has also written for:

  • Heart Wings
  • Pentecostal Publishing House
  • The Secret Place
  • and other ministries.


  • Miami Dade College, Miami, FL; Associate in Art/Art Education; 1979
  • The University of the South, Sewanee, TN; Bachelor of Science; Natural Resources; Gownsman Graduate; 1982
  • Harvest Bible Institute of First Assembly of God, Winston-Salem, NC; Two-Year Certification; 3.97 GPA; 1999
  • The United Community Bible Churches; Ordained Minister; 2005 to present


Writers are taught the slogan, “Show; don’t tell.” Diane applies this principle by writing VineWords Stories and Devotions Inspired by the Vine. The aim of each story is to highlight a scriptural truth in a way that will create a remembrance. Although these stories are fictional, most have been inspired by real individuals. Diane hopes these stories will linger in your spirit and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Cowpuppy Series

Coming soon will be children’s stories based on Diane’s cowdoggies, Cowboy and Cowgirl. To follow the dog’s real life antics, follow Diane’s FaceBook page.

The Christmas Cardigan is a children’s book Diane is working on. Its focus is to teach children the importance of treating others as he/she would want to be treated. It addresses the issue of poverty, the benefit of being a reader, and it suggests practical how-to’s children can implement at his/her school or church. The book is illustrated by Carol Clark. You can read an adult version of Chapter One on this blog.

Genre: Children’s Read-to-Me Book, K-2

Age Category: Five to seven years.

Word Count: 10,000

Status: Nearing Completion

Tunnel Vision: Real Life Encounters of the Supernatural

Sam, a landscaper, has two near-death encounters. “I think God is trying to kill me,” he says to Naomi, a retired homeowner. “Sam,” Naomi says, “God sent His Son to  give you life. The God I know is for you; not against you.”

When Sam goes missing. Naomi wonders if sharing supernatural God-encounters her friends have had throughout the years could have acted as the bridge to communicate God’s great love for Sam. She writes Tunnel Vision with the hopes that Sam will find the book, and consequentially, Jesus’ love for him.

Naomi records God-encounters of all types, whether they are of the fires of Hell or of the glory of Heaven, or near-death encounters, visions, dreams, or other God-encounters. If the encounter works to give the person who experienced it the opportunity to receive God’s love, she includes it in her book.

The purpose of this book is to disciple the new believer and to evangelize the seeker. It can be used as supplemental reading for a new disciple class or as a gift for a seeker. Although the characters in the book are fiction, Diane has preserved the true God-encounters of real people who have shared their testimonies with her.

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 40,000

Status: In progress

Study Guide: An accompanying Life Group Study Guide is available. The suggested run time is six weeks.

Finding Father 

“You are no longer my daughter!” rings in Jenna’s mind after her father abandons her. Shame covers her as a garment. The loss of father’s love is as searing as a hot coal applied to her emotions. Efforts to reconcile fail.

“Father God, do You love, me or will You abandon me too?” Jenna says, while standing on her deck. She expects Father God to depart as well. Instead, Jenna experiences a supernatural God-encounter. More than a thousand birds surround her. Some come close enough to brush their wings upon her shoulder and head. She thinks they are Heaven-sent, but when she calls her husband, the birds depart. She questions if it was all a cruel coincidence. She and her husband pray for God to show them if the birds were sent by Him. Together, they step back into the yard. The birds return, surrounding Jenna and her husband. “I guess that answers your question, Jenna,” her husband says. Jenna drops to her knees and worships.

But, what does the supernatural encounter mean? She hears God whisper, “My love is like the surround of birds, child.” She ponders what she learned from the birds and how this relates to the attributes of God. His love is as  gentle as the brush of wings, yet as powerful as their innumerable mass; His love is as passionate as birds in flight; His love seeks to direct her, as these migratory birds seemed to know their destiny; Father God’s love is enough, for the birds outnumber her wildest expectations; the ways God loves her is beyond enumeration, for the expanse of birds outnumbered what Jenna is able to count; God is always reachable, as her loving Heavenly “Daddy,” in the Hebrew, “Abba,”  for the birds reach her during a time of immense sadness; God’s love replaces pain with hope, for the bird encounter gives her new hope; God will love her to the end of time and beyond, for the number of birds seem to reach into eternity.

Jenna decides to journal the God-encounter to help those who have been abandoned. She addresses issues such as overcoming shame; starting again; forgiving as “Daddy God” forgives through His Son Jesus; praying blessings for those chained by anger, jealousy, or addictions; and discovering that Daddy God’s love is always enough. She describes God’s attributes, and supports this with Scripture and Hebraic Names for each of God’s attributes.

This is a great book for anyone who has suffered a traumatic loss. The God-encounter is true, although the person who received it wishes to remain anonymous.

Genre: Fiction/Christian Living

Word Count: 40,000

Status: In progress

Study Guide: An accompanying Life Group Study Guide is available. The suggested run time is six weeks.


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