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Diane ViDSC_0012rginia Cunio (Pen Name: Diane Virginia) is the author of The Kiss of Peace: An Intimate Exploration into Song of Solomon to which she is seeking royalty publication.

If you are an agent or royalty publisher, feel free to request a proposal.  

Diane writes for CBN, PPH, HeartWings, The Secret Place, and other organizations. She is an ordained minister, and a Gownsman Graduate of The University of the South, Sewanee, TN. She enjoys reading, crafting Scripture jewelry, cooking, homesteading, and horseback riding.

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Genre: Non-Fiction Romance

Word Count: 80,000; Page Count: 300

Status: Complete

The Kiss of Peace: An Intimate Exploration into Song of Solomon has been written to restore the biblical view of Song of Solomon as an allegory of the Groom Jesus Christ’s divine love for His bride, the church and to counter the non-biblical view that it is about sex. In The Kiss of Peace, the reader participates in vignette dialogue. She recognizes that the romance her Groom invites her to experience is representative of  His divine love–a love so rich it is indescribable outside of allegorical rhetoric. Prophetic metaphors and symbolic language of Song of Solomon are explained, such as her Groom’s’ pierced, beryl-set hands, and other Messianic references. The reader discovers the depth of her Romancer’s love, the completeness of His peace, and the typology of His name as Beloved Solomon. She also realizes the vignette is the bride’s story of completeness in her Groom.


Diane Virginia, and her husband Phil, developed the concept of motion-activated musical prayer gardens. These can be as simple as one bench with the motion-activated player, or as complex as seven stations, each with music themed to the mountains in Song of Solomon. Sample stations are being installed at their home. Their hope is to install these at churches in the near future. The purpose is to encourage worship, and to bring the listener into an intimate spiritual relationship with his/her Lord Jesus Christ.


The sequel to The Kiss of Peace is entitled Behind the Veil. This book is in process, in its earliest stages.

Tunnel Vision: Real Life Encounters of the Supernatural is a fictional book with non-fictional testimonies. In the story line, Sam, a landscaper has two near-death encounters and asks Naomi, a homemaker, about life after death. Before she is able to respond, Sam goes missing. Naomi writes Tunnel Vision in the hopes that Sam will find the book, and consequentially Jesus’ love for him. Naomi records God-encounters of all types. Some are of the fires of hell, while others are of the glory of heaven. Some are near-death encounters, while others are visions, dreams, or other God-communications. This book is in process. Genre: Fiction Word Count: 48,000; Page Count: 200 The sequel, Never Alone, is also in process.

The Christmas Cardigan, a children’s book Diane is working on, is nearing completion. It is illustrated by Carol Clark. You can read an adult version of Chapter One on this blog.

Future children’s books may include her two dogs, Cowboy and Cowgirl. Feel free to suggest a title, as this is a new concept in its initial stages of development. Diane Virginia blogs regularly about her fur babies.


Rev. Diane Virginia Cunio is:

  • An Ordained Minister of The United Community Bible Churches, Inc. since 2005.
  • A Gownsman Graduate The University of the South, Sewanee, TN, earning a Bachelor of Science in 1982.
  • A graduate of Miami Dade College, Miami, FL, earning an Associate in Art Education in 1979.
  • A graduate of Harvest Bible Institute of First Assembly of God, Winston-Salem, NC, earning her Two-Year Ministry Certification in 1999, earning a 3.97 GPA.
  • A blogger for Christian Broadcasting Network, Pentecostal Publishing House, HeartWings, The Secret Place, among others.

Diane  and her husband Phil live in Germanton, North Carolina. She has two grown children, Matt and Danielle, two dogs and seven chickens, thirty koi, and one happy rabbit (who once was skinny) who has found his way into the veggie garden.


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